April 10, 2015

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Success Stories 2015:


On December 2, 2015, Cash and his mom came to Powder Springs Animal Clinic to seek medical assistance for symptoms indicating a possible intestinal blockage. THF was notified by the veterinarian and given the following information:


“Back in July 2015 Cash was seen for an intestinal blockage and had an emergency surgery to remove a foreign body, so hearing that he was vomiting and not eating again our first thought was a possible GI blockage or intestinal disturbance.

The morning of December 2nd we monitored Cash in clinic. He was clearly not himself, very lethargic with no interest in food, but he still wagged his tail when anyone called his name. Radio-graphs were performed, which showed a possible blockage.

Immediately following the radio-graphs, a barium series was performed. Towards the end of the series, Cash began to show signs of shock. His owners were notified and they approved surgery.

Once in surgery, it was discovered that Cash was septic and had 4 ft of necrotic intestines. There was no blockage present. Cash did later pass some small shards of hard, sharp, plastic that could have cut into the intestines (previously compromised intestines).

The family was immediately notified. We were unsure if the patient would survive this surgery, let alone the recovery.

The family asked us to at least try and do whatever we could do to save him.”

The total cost of the surgery was around $5,000. In an effort to help Cash’s family, Powder Springs Animal Clinic offered their services at a discount and THF was able to help the family with $800. The wonderful team at Powder Springs Animal Clinic have worked with Cash’s family so that they could make payments.

Tommy’s Holiday Fund is continuing to raise funds in order to help pay down this enormous debt.

Because of Tommy’s Holiday Fund and our partners at Powder Springs Animal Clinic, Cash received the help he needed and is now healthy, and safe at home, together with his family!

Donate to Tommy’s Holiday Fund to help animals like Cash get the treatment they need.






Success Stories 2016:





Charlotte’s family came to THF when her Entropion eye had gotten to the point where they thought she may lose an eye. Thanks to your donations and the work of our friends at VCA Pets Are People Too Roswell Animal Hospital the surgery went well and she is at home recovering.



Rocco’s case was critical and life threatening. After blood-work, his ALT value was found to be 2000+. ALT is the main liver value which shouldn’t be over 200. Something bit him numerous times and he was in a hard fight for his life. Over the next 36 hours following treatment, Rocco was in and out of critical care.We are happy to say that Rocco’s treatments worked perfectly and he is now able to run and play or just chill out in his shades.


Huck’s family came to THF when they found he had a collapsed lung caused by trauma to his uvula. His only chance at survival was surgery and we had to act quickly. Fortunately, the family and THF were able to combine resources and save Huck’s life. He is now safe and happy at home.


This is Honey. Honey is an 8 month old Lab, that jumped out of her moms arms and broke her elbow. The break was significant with a portion of bone fragmented and floating inside her. The only options are to amputate or perform the surgery. Like you, we thought she would be happier with all four legs, so with your donations, we were able to pay for over $3,000.00 in suregery to save her leg. Honey is happy at home and running on her fixed leg.


Meet Lucy. Lucy is a 10 year old pug who had been abandoned in a neighborhood and was saved by a wonderful woman. She was brought to our partner Powder Springs Animal Clinic last week for heart-worm meds and checkup. When she arrived, they realized that Lucy had a whole host of health issues. She was dehydrated, had chest congestion, dental disease, and pyometra, which is a painful thickening of the uterus and a cyst. We are happy to say that Lucy has been treated and is now at home with her new family!


Ace’s mother reached out to THF when he had caught parvo and was extremely ill and bordering on life and death. Parvo, an extremely contagious and aggressive virus. Ace was not eating, drinking, he was lethargic, and was bleeding internally. He was in quarantine for about a week. With your donations, THF was able o pay for treatments he needed and save his life. Ace is now home with his family, where he belongs and no one had to choose between saving his life and paying rent.

Success Stories 2017:


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