January 24, 2016

Other Vet Care Financing Help

If you don’t qualify for assistance from Tommy’s Holiday Fund, please don’t give up.

Help is out there. Try these strategies for reduced cost vet care:

  • Be upfront with your veterinarian about your financial situation.
  • Ask about payments over time or minimal treatment plans.
  • Ask for sample medications.
  • Fill your pet’s prescription online for a reduced price
  • If you qualify, ask for a senior or military discount.
  • Contact a local veterinarian school for a possible discount.
  • Check our resources page for other nonprofits that may be able to offer assistance.
  • Ask your church or local community group for help.
  • Hold a fundraiser for your pet like a bake sale, or try crowdfunding online.
  • Care Credit is a credit card for healthcare that covers you and your pets.


Need to find a new home for your pet?

  • The ASPCA lists many other options for pet owners who are facing separation from their companion.


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