January 24, 2016

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Apply for Assistance from Tommy’s Holiday Fund

Thank you for reaching out to Tommy’s Holiday Fund (THF).

Please read below to see if you qualify for our services before launching the application.

If you find you are ineligible for assistance from THF, please visit the Other Vet Care Financing Help page for more ways to seek help.

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  • Due to limited funding availability, only families in the Metro Atlanta area, are eligible for consideration.
  • Award value is commensurate on availability in order to allow us to help as many animals and families as possible.
  • We are currently setup as a one-time benefit for emergency care, life-saving surgery or treatment, and in some cases, temporary assistance for critical specialty care, such as diabetic medications.
  • Approval for funding is based on the families’ current financial situation and the companion animal’s diagnosis/prognosis.
  • Assistance is only approved for procedures that a licensed veterinarian has diagnosed, recommended, and believes will improve an animal’s quality of life. A statement from the veterinary practice reflecting the necessity of the procedure and said procedures impact on the quality of life is required.
  • Owners must show responsible pet care (pet spayed/neutered and up-to-date with vaccinations, etc.).
  • If there are any signs of neglect or abuse, assistance will be denied and the proper authorities will be notified.
  • THF assistance cannot be used for strays or relinquished pets.
  • THF does not currently help with routine vet visits/care, medication, spay/neuter, vaccines, etc. We do hope to hold specialty events with partnering veterinary practices to offer these at little to no costs.
  • THF is an assistance fund and unfortunately cannot always cover the complete costs.

As we focus mainly on financial assistance, we request proof of at least one of the following items in order to qualify.

Verification Document List:

1.     Documentation showing current enrollment in state or federally funded welfare program
2.     Food Stamps
3.     Denial Letter from CareCredit or similar credit program.
4.     Last two pay stub proving income meets state or federal low income or WIC guidelines
5.     Medicaid
6.     Social Security
7.     SSI Disability
8.     Proof of unemployment – current within last 30 days.
9.     Military I.D. showing active military status (non-commissioned)
10.  Insurance claim or other official documentation, showing recent, loss of home due to natural disaster, etc., or extraordinary expense.

For our records, we also ask that you provide a picture of your companion animal and a brief story about how your pet came to live with you and how you came to need the assistance of Tommy’s Holiday Fund.

If your veterinarian feels that the above requirements are met, please submit your application along with all required documents.

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Awards are distributed subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors of Tommy’s Holiday Fund.