April 10, 2015

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Thank you for reaching out to Tommy’s Holiday Fund (THF).


We are an organization whose mission is to assist families and their companion animals, in Metro Atlanta, who need emergency or specialty care.

Our primary objective is to give families in financial crisis an alternative to euthanasia when their pet has a treatable, yet life-threatening condition.

We will work with the family’s preferred veterinary clinics or one of our veterinary partners to offset or, when qualifying, completely cover the costs of emergency and specialty care.

Please follow the links below for assistance.

apply for assistance bannerRead the qualifications to receive assistance from THF before launching the application.

other vet care optionsIf you don’t qualify for services from THF, please look here for more options.

breed and disease specificMany charities specialize in a specific type of breed or disease. Check here for more help options.

Low Cost spay and neuterSpaying and Neutering your pet can be expensive, yet it’s so important. Look here for low cost options.

animal food banksIf you need help feeding your pets, this list will direct you towards the right assistance.


Contact THF

Phone:(678) 964-5692