April 13, 2015


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Executive Board Members

Wes Allen

Executive Director & Treasurer

Wes lives in Atlanta with his wife Julie and dog Kevn. He was a proud dad to Tommy, the inspiration behind Tommy’s Holiday Fund, and the leading factor in Wes and Julie becoming Vegan. Wes believes in the rights of animals to be treated as persons and not property or commodities. In addition to his compassion for animals, Wes enjoys volunteering with Atlanta Veg Fest, going to concerts and playing drums.

Leigh Saluzzi

Assistant Director & Chair

Leigh is a vegan activist, and the Executive Director of Atlanta Veg Fest, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Leigh decided over twenty years ago that she loves animals far too much to continue eating them, and that her world has been made a better place thanks to her past and present animal companions. Leigh lives in Metro Atlanta with her husband, son, and two silly felines. 


Jessica Roberts

Programs Director & Secretary

Jessica is a Georgia-native, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia with four fur kids. She can often be found volunteering with various community organizations and supporting animal rescues in her spare time. Jessica believes all animals are created equally and proudly leads a vegan lifestyle. In addition to her love for animals, she also enjoys all things gardening, eco-conscious, educational, and sustainable. She is currently completing her Master of Arts in Teaching degree and is excited to positively impact tomorrow’s leaders.

Julie Allen


Research and Creative

Julie is a former art teacher with a passion for education and creativity.  She is an avid maker of “stuff” and loves to share her enthusiasm for learning through making art.  THF was inspired by her dog, Tommy, who showed her that animals can have emotional depth and deserve our compassion and respect. Julie has been a vegan since 2007 and is dedicated to a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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